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I love books as much if not more than chocolate, but don't tell chocolate I said that. I have a degree in English but don't do anything with it...yet. For now I will just enjoy reading and reviewing books, it works for me.

Home: (Hidden #3) By Colleen Vanderlinden

OK, I am not completly done with the book like I want to be (my child had a birthday so I had to put off reading this weekend). I will say I have enjoyed this series so far. I did get a litle aggervated with how many times the author made Molly, the main character, seem like The Hulk. She would talk about going in and smashing fist and then asking questions later. But they are good still.


The books, I believe, are only in ebook form, but they are worth the read.  It is an intresting concept with the whole gods, demons, and mythology.


I like Molly in this book, she is trying to find her way back home after closing the door way between our world and the Nether and Aether. In the process of closing the door way she killed herself and was reborn in the Nether.


So this is where book two ended and book three began. I liked learning more about the gods, Molly, her parents, and those she loves. Now I have only made it to where she is back in her world and has learned that some of the demons that were loyal to her in the Nether are causing trouble. So I can't go much further than that in the review. But I will say her dying over and over was a little much, I was ready for that part to be over. And for the fact that Brennan has a baby now gets me. I don't know why, but then there is a part of me that wants Molly to get over it because it had been such a long time. However, I do understand that for Molly it had seemed like weeks.


I do have some ideas about why everyone is having bouts of anger. I think one of those demons that were trapped on the outside of the Nether care causing trouble. But I guess I will have to read the rest.


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I will review more after I have finalyl completed the book. Part of me wants to so that I can know but another part does not want it to end.