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I love books as much if not more than chocolate, but don't tell chocolate I said that. I have a degree in English but don't do anything with it...yet. For now I will just enjoy reading and reviewing books, it works for me.

COMPLETED: Home (Hidden #3) By: Colleen Vanderlinden

Well I finished reading the last bit of the book and I will say it was good, however, it was not like spectacular. I will read the next one though as the author left it in a cliff hanger.



OK back to the story. So Molly still struggled with Brennan and the baby. However, not enough that she did not mind getting in a little action. I will say that the baby was suppose to be important to Brennan but he sure did not act like it. I just felt that there was no love losses there. I actually started to feel bad for the baby. I mean his dad did not so much affection, the mom put a spell on him, and Molly could barely look at him. Not once did Molly say, "gosh this poor child is a victim of his parents" and seeing as how she had a hard childhood I was hoping she would have been a little more soft hearted toward the child, even though she was mad at the baby's daddy (Brennan).

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Ugh! And let me talk about that ending, I mean I am glad she found the witch and the demons but it was very anti-climatic. I just expected more of a BAM ending but to no avail.

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The ending had me feeling kind of . I will read the next one, in which I hope things shape up. I also hope someone gives that baby some attention.


Also, someone tell Molly that most people who leave to protect cause more harm, at least it does in most other books.